Supporting Exceptional Entrepreneurs

We partner with founders to drive large-scale change in sectors we are passionate about

Who We Are

Headquartered in New York, Black Jays Investments provides investment and support to early stage founders looking to redefine the industries in which they operate. Startups we work with are aiming to fundamentally re-imagine consumer behavior or the way everyday products and services are delivered. We focus on the Media, Consumer Internet, eCommerce, and Retail sectors.

What We Provide

True Partnership

In addition to providing capital, we work closely with each of our founders to help them grow their businesses. This support involves: advising on early product development, developing customer acquisition and analytics strategies, brokering commercial deals, refining sales and marketing plans, and bridging discussions with later stage investors.

Access to Our Network

We have access to a network of smart, trusted Angel Investors, Micro VCs, Family Offices, and Corporate Executives across New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London. We look to syndicate our deals and share founder insights and expertise across the portfolio. We believe that working with a diverse group of individuals increases the likelihood of entrepreneurial success.

Deep Sector Knowledge

We have advised some of the top media and consumer businesses around the world. We have also worked in start-ups across the media and consumer space. We understand in equal part the challenges facing traditional media/consumer organizations as they look to adapt to an ever-changing consumer landscape as well as the hurdles that confront new entrants looking to build audiences/customers from scratch. This combination of perspectives uniquely positions us to help our founders succeed.

How We Invest


We invest in sectors we understand and where we are confident we can add value. Specifically, these areas include: Media/Sports/Entertainment, Consumer Internet, eCommerce/CPG, and Retail as well as enabling B2B technologies that apply to any of these verticals.


We invest in businesses that are live with some level of demonstrable traction. Founders will have typically already raised a friends-and-family round or bootstrapped to-date and will be, for the first time, looking to raise outside capital.


We invest in Entrepreneurs who are focused, driven, and coachable. These men and women have strong domain expertise and are aiming to solve a difficult problem they are passionate about.


We invest between $50,000 and $250,000. This is typically part of a $1M – $4M total raise. In deals we are not leading ourselves, the Lead Investor is generally a group with whom we have a strong relationship.

Current Portfolio


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Partner Funds

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Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma is the Managing Partner at Black Jays Investments where he is responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and making investment decisions. Amit began his career as a strategy consultant with Deloitte (in Canada and then the UK) where he advised blue chip media, telecoms, and technology clients on matters of corporate strategy, digital transformation and growth. Following the completion of his MBA at London Business School, Amit continued to advise incumbents while also supporting start-ups across the digital media landscape; signing distribution agreements, negotiating content licensing deals, and brokering investment/acquisition discussions. Before consolidating his investment activities through BJI, Amit was an active Angel investor.

Brian Muller

Brian Muller is a Principal with Black Jays Investments and the VP of Data and Growth at The Atlantic. Before that, he held the position of Director of Data Science at a number of companies, including Vox Media, LivingSocial, and Omidyar Network backed Off Grid Electric (in Tanzania). He was a Co-founder and CTO of the start-up OpBandit, a content optimization tool for online publishers, which was acquired by Vox Media in 2015. Brian has also worked as an adviser and consultant for a variety of groups including The Atlantic, The Washington Post, PBS, and The Carnegie Foundation. He has an MS degree in the Biomedical Sciences, and was originally trained as a statistician and computational biologist at Johns Hopkins and the Medical University of South Carolina.